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I looked past him out his window and spotted Sadie running over, hand-in-hand with a brunette boy. When Justin stepped out of the car, I almost face-palmed. I saw the love and admiration in Leo's eyes and felt my heart melt. " Sadie gasped, she peered around him and spotted me sitting in the passenger seat. " "Only three," I answered, "But they got me at a bad time." "Drat," she pouted.But then I reminded myself that I used to look at my father like that and my heart turned back to stone. " "This is my friend, Sadie," Leo answered eagerly, "Her sister picks her up everyday, but she's late. She grazed her hand over the scratches on my cheek and I winced, "Which one of them did this? "Justin is not gross," she squeaked, a hint of her earlier blush returning to her cheeks, "He's really, really cute. Wake-up, take a beating, get Justin freaking Cameron for a lab partner, take another beating, and now somehow I'm riding in a Ferrari on my way to pick up my little sister from school.And, oh by the way, Justin freaking Cameron is the one driving the Ferrari.I told Sadie she could ride with us." "It's okay, I-I can just w-wait," Sadie stammered. " "Ugh, Maddie Swanson," I made a face and Sadie laughed, "Let's talk about something less gross now." "Are you dating Justin? Like a movie star." "Yes," I teased, "And just like the movie stars, he's way too old for you." "He's only seven years older! "Why don't you try looking for someone your own age," I suggested with a smile, "Like Leo over there." "L-Leo? " she stuttered, "I don't like Leo." "Oh really?

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Here’s what Jeremy had to share: On his “to die would be a big adventure” tattoo: “It is the most important line that I have ever delivered in a movie and it means a lot [to] me.